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Sunnyfields Honey & Home is a local business, based in Braintree and look after around 30 colonies of honeybees around the North Essex countryside.

The alternative to clingfilm; beeswax wraps are the environmentally friendly option that will give your fridge style whilst keeping your food fresh.

This make it yourself kit includes two co-ordinating fabrics, a pre-mixed waxing bar, how-to instructions and some parchment paper. The waxing bar is a hand-mixed recipe of natural beeswax, pine resin and jojoba oil providing natural antibacterial qualities along with flexibility and slight stickiness to help the wraps cling. The fabric is 100% cotton meaning it can breath and prevents sweaty cheese or too much of a moisture build-up.

The kits make a perfect present or project with the satisfaction that you're helping the environment whilst keeping your food fresher for longer.

When your wraps need refreshing, we also sell Beeswax Wrap Refresh Bars.