70g Chocolate Bars by Pump Street Chocolate

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Pump Street is an award-winning bakery in the village of Orford on Suffolk's Heritage Coast. After mastering naturally-leavened bread, they ventured into making chocolate from beans they import directly from single estates and cooperatives around the world. They are proud to produce the finest craft chocolate. Provenance and process are key to these finished bars - they source cacao from the best growers who ferment and dry the beans at origin and then tailor their roasting, grinding and conching to yield the best tasting chocolate possible.

We at Holt Farm have 4 delicious flavours for you to try:

  • Sourdough & Sea Salt 66%
  • Madagascar Milk 58%
  • Jamaica 75%
  • Brown Bread 40%

Which one will you choose?!

1. Sourdough & Sea Salt 66% - A unique combination of our two signature (and favourite) products: dark chocolate and sourdough. Our sourdough crumbs and a touch of sea salt add crunch and a smooth, malty flavour to the Ecuadorian chocolate. This is a unique combination and to our knowledge the first time a chocolate bar has been made with sourdough.

2. Madagascar Milk 58% - This chocolate is made from the same beans as our Madagascar 72% from the Sambirano Valley. A creamy, luxurious whole milk chocolate with notes of caramel and treacle and the zesty finish characteristic of Madagascan beans, it will appeal to those with a sweet tooth as well as dark chocolate devotees.

3. Jamaica 75% - Initially rich, a satisfying melt releases hints of sweet, juicy berries. Serendipitously for a Jamaican bar, it rounds into a distinctive honeyed rum finish.

4. Brown Bread 40% - A new foray into bakery bars; a chunky, malty amalgamation of bread pieces and sweet toffee-ish white chocolate made with Pump Street's very own cocoa press and Samuel von Rutte's Ecuadorian cocoa beans from Hacienda Limon.