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We have 4 delicious pickles guaranteed to get your taste buds dancing with happiness.

1. Chunky Gherkin Slices 260g

A perfect balance of sweet and tangy these Chunky Gherkin Slices are so delicious you will struggle to put the lid back on! Enjoy them straight from the jar or as part of an awesome hamburger or ham and cheese sandwichâ delicious!

2. Balsamic Shallots 260g

Discover these amazingly tasty little morsels. Great as an accompaniment to a cheese board or for a different twist cut them up and add to a salad with goats cheese and beetroot.

3. Pickled Red Cabbage 280g

** Guild of Fine Foods, Great Taste One Star Winner ** 2017

Works amazingly well on its own or as an addition to salads and cold cuts of ham. The subtlety of spices compliment the cabbage to create a wonderfully more-ish flavour. This is not the malty cabbage your Granny had on the table at parties instead it has a distinctly fresh flavour all of its own. ** Guild of Fine Foods, Great Taste One Star Winner ** 2017

4. Mr Beaird's Pickle 260g

A rich and tangy chutney. This tasty store cupboard favourite will have you reaching for the cheddar time and again with its delicious blend of onion, carrot, apple, apricot, tamarind and other tasty ingredients. If you like Branston pickle you're going to love this.