Pork Chops by Dingley Dell


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There's more than meets the eye with Dingley Dell Pork and their range of phenomenal Pork products. The Suffolk based growers are true advocates of sustainability and animal welfare and this is reflected in the obvious quality and superb taste of their Pork. A Suffolk based, outdoor farm, the story of Dingley Dell Pork is impressive from start to finish, from their tireless efforts on-farm, their endeavours to protect the British countryside and the natural wildlife that inhabits it, to their wonderful produce and diverse product range.

Dingley Dell Pork Chops 220g/255g - pack of 2. A firm family favourite, usually a common dish in any family home, these Dingley Dell pork chops, with high levels of intermuscular fat, are tender, flavorsome and succulent, every time.