Charcuterie by Dingley Dell


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We're delighted to be able to offer a range of Dingley Dell Charcuterie supplied by Direct Meats.

Dingley Dell Sliced Moccus Salami 75g - Milano inspired salami. Moccus is a fine ground, large diameter sausage with flavours of white pepper, black pepper, dry white wine and garlic, medium strength and a soft mouth feel.

Dingley Dell Sliced Elidure Chorizo 75g - Flavoured with Pimenton de la Vera (oak smoked paprika) and slow aged to medium dry with chilli, garlic and pepper. Eaten raw or used as flavouring.

Dingley Dell Sliced Boadicea 75g - Air-dried bresaola inspired charcuterie - Boadicea is produced from Welsh PGI Beef topside. Should be thinly sliced the flavours are of mild fennel, nutmeg and Black Pepper. Rich and strong in taste is often served with a salty hard cheese (Parmesan or Peccorino).

Dingley Dell Sliced Albion 75g - Coppa inspired air-dried shoulder. Albion should be sliced thin. Taste will be more spiced than the Guillinbursti with stronger notes of Black pepper. Fat content is around forty percent giving a very rich taste, colour is ruby red with streams of fat.

Dingley Dell Sliced Guillinbursti 75g - Lomo inspired dry cured and air-dried loin. Guillinbursti should be sliced thin. The product is mild in taste and very lean. The intense marbling being the only fat also produces a softer eating experience. Simple flavours of pepper, nutmeg and a hint of garlic. Great for tapas or as part of a charcuterie platter.