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Paddy & Scott's have been producing coffee since 2007. Based in Suffolk, they are passionate about producing the best quality coffee and have a story to tell about their journey into the world of coffee production.

We're lucky enough to have a selection of 4 delicious ground coffees for you to choose from, along with a box of their amazing Brew Bags.

1. Wakey Wakey (ground coffee) 227g

A morning kick-starter - this punchy little number will start your day off perfectly. Sweet, bold and beautifully balanced for those who need more than one reason to get out of bed in the mornings.

Medium Roast.

2. Easy Days (ground coffee) 227g

The casual, laid back choice - the coffee equivalent of lazing away the afternoon in a hammock. Velvety smooth with floral hints, perfect any time; a real charmer.

Medium Roast.

3. Chit Chat (ground coffee) 227g

Our signature blend, perfect for sharing with friends, if you're feeling generous! This 'day-wine' is the socially acceptable option when it's just a little early for cracking open a bottle. Smooth, chocolatey, caramel flavours make this one to remember.

Dark Roast.

4. Cafe Decaf (ground coffee) 227g

There's something a little special about this decaf coffee. The caffeine is washed away using a process of slow mineral water extraction leaving behind all the delicious flavours a coffee should have. Aromatic with hazelnut hints, this angelic coffee definitely won't disrupt your beauty sleep.

Medium Roast.

5. Craft Coffee Brew Bags (x31)

Paddy & Scott's Coffee Brew bags are bio-degradable coffee bags (like a tea bag, but coffee). Simply drop one of these bad boys into a cup add some water and you've got yourself a damn fine cup of coffee without the need for grinding, weighing, measuring, french pressing, espressoing, areopressing, extracting or stressing. It's so damn simple it must be Paddy & Scott's.