Bottle of Ciu Ciu 'Bacchus' Wine
Bottle of Petits Clement Merlot Duras Wine
Bottle of Gran Cerdo Tinto Wine
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Red Wine by Vino Vero

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Vino Vero (meaning 'real wine') is an award winning shop based in the thriving fishing town of Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. For more than 7 years their small but perfectly formed shop has has been supplying the good people of South East Essex (and beyond). They love wines made as simply as possible. Organic and biodynamic farming without synthetic chemicals or additions with minimal intervention in the cellar.

They have personal relationships with many of their winemakers. They go to the pub with them. They visit their domaines. they harvest grapes with them. They know their families. They don’t just tell you their wine is good; they know it is (and we believe them!). We have three of their red wine recommendations for you to choose from:

1. Petits Clement Merlot Duras

  • Grape varieties: Merlot, Duras
  • From: Gaillac, France
  • Production method: Vegan
  • Merlot gives red-fruit loveliness whilst local grape variety Duras adds a herbal note. Medium bodied and a great accompaniment to sausage and mash. An old estate, founded in the 1800s, Les Petits Clement use local grape varieties along with better known international varieties to create great easy drinking wines. An easy, mid-week kind of a wine, we love the juicy fruitiness of this gem from little-known Gaillac in Southern France.

2. Ciu Ciu 'Bacchus'

  • Grape varieties: Sangiovese, Montepulciano
  • From: Le Marche, Eastern Italy
  • Production method: Organic, vegan
  • This Sangiovese/Montepulciano blend is a juicy wine, bursting with flavours of red cherries, bright raspberries and liquorice. It's simple and uncomplicated and would go great with simple Italian dishes such as stuffed aubergines or ragu and gnocchi.
    • Brothers Massimiliano and Walter named this creation for the god of wine, so the pressure's on to make it good. Luckily, the red, calcareous and clay soils in their vineyard lend themselves to structure and elegance, aided by careful organic viticulture.

3. Gran Cerdo Tinto

  • From: Rioja, Spain
  • Production method: Organic, vegan
  • Grape varieties: Tempranillo
  • Gonzalo has a cult following for his rebellious winemaking. Translating as 'fat pig', the wine is named for the bankers who refused to loan him money for his vineyard and rails against them in the label blurb.
    • Gran Cerdo doesn't use oak which lets the taste of the Tempranillo grape shine. There's lots of red cherry and black pepper, with a slight violet note. The tannins are smooth and silky and the finish is fruity: in short, just what you want from unoaked Rioja. Decant it into a jug and give it an hour to release all the great flavours.