Just Fruit Box


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Deliveries on Wednesdays & Fridays

CO postcodes plus CM7, IP1-5, IP7 and IP9

Perfect for the Fruit Lover in your life (or why not just treat yourself?)

  • Sourced locally and seasonally wherever possible, containing all the best available fruit, some grown here at Holt Farm
  • Suitable for use in fruit salads, smoothies, lunch boxes (lemons in your gin and tonics?)
  • Contents would suit a small-medium family

Approx 4.5kg

Please refer to our monthly highlights page on our Home Page for up to date details of what this box could include this month.

Ps basket for display purposes only!

We're passionate about caring for our environment and encourage our customers to return their boxes to us to be reused where possible.  You are welcome to leave your used boxes out for our drivers to collect with your next delivery.