May update: more local produce and some unusual citrus

Pete Thompson08 May 2020

How did we get to May already?

Arguably our favourite month on at Holt Farm, the April showers, increasing warmth and longer days combine to kick in and nature explodes as trees come into leaf, the wild flower meadows and pasture stretch up and, as the gardeners amongst you know, the weeds seem to appear from nowhere. The lush vegetation and evenings filled with birdsong are treasured after the long autumn and winter and we can’t be alone in thinking there is renewed vigour in the nature around us during lockdown.

We are still working to improve the contents of our Holt Farm fruit and vegetable boxes, adding local red and brown onions from up the road at Great Horkesley and strawberries from Ardleigh.

Beyond fruit and vegetables we have an increasing range of local produce to deliver to your home. (Minimum order only £12.50).We have delicious gluten-free brownies from Colchester’s Essex Bakery which are delicious with the strawberries. There’s coffee roasted roasted over the border by Suffolk’s Crude Coffee. If that wasn’t enough we can now deliver English wine from Prettyfields Vineyard. The three bottle pack is good value and a chance to discover your favourite red, wine or rosé. Finally we have a selection of sauces, dressings and marinades from the Great Taste Award winning Scarlett & Mustard, we are slightly addicted to the chilli jam. If you are barbecuing during this warmer weather don’t miss the Barbecue pack!

At our core Holt Farm is a vegetable farm but the last 20 years had seen us consolidate our cropping, specialising to stay profitable. Recently though we had diversified into undertaking innovation research and development and trials for businesses and growing some niche crops for chefs. Now this small part of the business has come to the fore and we have expanded both the range and area of these crops and we can share them with you. Some are familiar – green beans will be ready in the summer and leeks in autumn. Others less so, think Meyer lemons, Calamondin (citrus), figs from Holt Farm orchards, fresh chick peas, Trombocino courgettes and an amazing range of heritage tomatoes to name but a few.

Our Gourmet Box will include our own Violet and Green Globe Artichokes this week, if you are stuck follow the legendary @malenaspieler on Insta or Twitter for inspiration. There is also a great video on Great British Chefs for simple instructions on how to prepare them.

The combination of our own produce and the delicious food and drinks from local producers has prompted the suggestion Holt Farm is an online farmers market. We couldn’t be happier with the idea and we have lots more producers ready to join us. Sadly we cant meet our customers in person currently (for obvious reasons) but please do get to know us on social and feel free to drop us an email. We aren’t a supermarket and we hope we can give you the personal service you would expect from a traditional market, so please give us feedback, ideas, suggestions and ask questions. We will try and keep you up to date here and one our social media accounts and in the near future will be adding recipes and other information to the website.

Eat Well