July update: new wildlife arrivals

School holidays beckon yet we haven’t had a summer term, at least not a proper one! The heatwave has passed somewhat, yet we have only had the odd shower. Here on the Tending Peninsula, we are the driest part of the UK and we keep missing the rain. Good for barbecues, not so good for growing salad and vegetables. We have agreed to buy water from a neighbouring farmer’s reservoir to give us more water. The last time we did this it started raining the day after and didn’t stop until autumn so apologies if it starts raining next week! 

Summer solstice has also passed and as ever we instantly seem to see the change around us, goldfinches descend in flocks on the wildflowers, blackberries form on the brambles and a surge of new arrivals amongst the wildlife around us. Baby blackbirds, song thrushes, robins and other songbirds are scattered around the garden and the Holt Farm polytunnel. The new fox cubs are pushing their luck helping themselves to the odd chicken. We suspect one is the culprit behind welly and flip flop thefts from the back door, usually found abandoned on the path down to the orchards. July is always special when the local hedgehogs introduce us to their new young, this year is no different and a nest appeared under a straw heap for mulching the tunnels. Have a look at the video;


While lockdown has been easing we have continued to work hard to improve our service, investing in software and broadening our product range to offer you more choice. We are working on a few more products but please let us know if there is something from Essex or Suffolk you think we should stock. We are still looking for Essex milk so if you know a handy dairy farmer you know where to send them!

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